LOVE TODAY! -(In Loving Memory of Mrs. Juliana Iheagwu)

I received a message a few minutes ago about the loss of a mother, a friend and a beautiful soul by all standards, so I am sobered as I write, understandably.
It has caused me to think rather deeply and reflect on all the ways we have refused to love as we ought. I mean, I loved this woman, but I never did show it that much…heck! I haven’t even seen her in over four years! Apart from the occasional calls which were few and far between, I never made that conscious effort to love.

I saved her number as “Mama 2” because she really was a second mother to me, but now all I am left with is a number that will not go through, because there is no one at the other end of the line and I never told her or showed her that I loved her.

I mean I always had it in mind, always remembered her fondly for all the times she blessed my pocket, how she fondly called my name, the countless times she gave me lifts in her car when I was trekking. She never saw me sad and left me without saying something so on point that it lightened up my day. I was just a kid sure, but for some reason her kindness stuck with me. It wasn’t just the normal kindness and love that good people show. This woman had a beautiful soul that literally glowed! Always loving and always giving.

I always told myself that I will bless her, I will surprise her with a visit one day, I will buy her this and that…I just needed to make this money first or find some time off my busy schedule. Well… now she is gone it suddenly dawns on me… I was wrong!
Let me make a few suggestions to everyone reading this that still has that special unappreciated person alive;

  • You don’t need a million bucks; buy a box of Chocolate, a flower, a loaf of bread, some onions! Whatever works! Just do something that says; I appreciate you. Do it today!
  • You don’t need to make out time to visit. If you really cannot travel that long distance to see that special person, make calls, regular and long calls. Do it today!
  • To the one who is not in good terms with their mother, or father, their friend or spouse, ex-spouse, siblings… the most painful feeling in a relationship is not the death of that person, but the fact that that person died not knowing that you really cared or how much you cared. Mend that relationship today!

You see love is going to be natural in heaven, so while I know that we will see again in heaven. I realize that Love is very much more precious and valuable on earth because it is rare and hence so beautiful. I know it seems to you that tomorrow is the more convenient time to love, but love isn’t even related to convenience. Love is too precious to go un-uttered or un-displayed. Love was never meant to be wished. It was meant to speak! Memories are not as precious if there is that nagging hurt because you never relived them with the one whom they are about.

That’s some hard truth on Truthoscope!
In Loving memory of a sweet soul; Mrs. Juliana Iheagwu
I Love you Mum, I wish I said…


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