And suddenly all hell broke loose, the ice began melting and he found himself sliding down fast, faster than he had wanted to. He was in his skiing gear and the bliss of just a moment ago suddenly became like a distant memory.  He was losing control…then he lost it, he fell forward head first and landed with a crash. Still sliding, he was trying hard to grab onto something, anything that would steady his fall. Then he looked and saw it. The cliff ended just a few feet away… he was going to fall right off it! “Oh No! this is not what I wanted!

Hey Truth fam! How are you all doing? It’s just like me to start a piece in dramatic fashion isn’t it? Yes… I ‘lives’ up to expectation. This piece may not resonate at all with some of my readers and it surely will with some others for the simple reason that not everybody is on a mission, not everyone has a vision and so not everybody will ever be at the verge of greatness let alone in greatness itself. So to those Men and women on a vision (Or is it mission?) lets go on and read this.

What does Greatness look like? The Posh houses and cars? The expensive clothing? The fame and acclaim? Well.. I wouldn’t know  exactly but I am more concerned with the very precipice, the verge. That period of time just before greatness embraces you. What does it look like?

The verge of greatness feels like staring down a cliff and knowing you have to jump down. It is like not knowing how to swim and being plunged into a pool. Its like the feeling of air being drawn out of your lungs as water rushes into your nostrils. Its like being stuck in zero gravity with no air tanks or oxygen masks.

They say that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn, well I think it depends on when dawn is said to have begun, but their point is well taken and in fact…true.

There is a point in the life of the man or woman on a mission when all hell just breaks loose and you feel like drowning so much so that even the irrelevance of the past when there was no vision and no pursuit now seem attractive to you at least for its comfort.

When you are at that point when you have set your mind on a thing and you have burnt all bridges and then things seem to shatter, the ice beneath you melts and the world spirals. Your finances are messed up, people are gawking at you and shaking their heads, you are a lunatic, sick in your body again and again, your relationships are strained and shaky, you feel  cast down, torn, depressed and just about to give up!

DON”T! I know this feeling very well because I feel it right now and I know you feel it too. Is it just too much? DON’T give up or give in. what happens then if you fall again? Well, stand up again and again and again! Oh but its taking too long! Well, Moving slow will still get you to greatness, stopping won’t.

I didn’t mean to write a fancy piece today, just wanted to lay some truth on you square and direct… Life will mess you up if you are pursuing the dream, but ‘if’ you ‘pass THROUGH’ the fire… you will come out as pure gold!

The Verge of greatness is the most trying time you will ever face and have ever faced, so if life is on a downward spiral, look yourself in the face…(use a mirror of course) and say…  “I can smell greatness already!… I am at the very verge!”


Can you relate?

That’s some Truth on Truthoscope




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