Can you recall the very first time you tasted a special meal or snack? The burst of flavor or spices that caressed your senses and instantly made you know it wouldn’t be the last bite or the last time for that matter?
I know most people will be able to identify themselves with that feeling for me I recall clearly the first time I tried Shawarma… Oh my God! It was classically underwhelming! Haha… yes, it had been so hyped by people that my taste buds had literally pre-registered an expected taste and I and he were disappointed. I am sorry I had to tell a reverse experience, but I promise it will still come in handy on this piece. I am far from a foodie, so I really can’t recall a special food period, but I am sure I have had one.

I believe I have painted the picture sufficiently. There is something very special about the first time, it defines your future experiences with that meal/snack. There are people who walk into a restaurant everyday and demand “the usual”, they have become addicted to a particular meal, but it must have all started from that first “wow” moment.

Okay, I am really supposed to be talking about sex, food and sex may not be a savvy cocktail for some, but illustrations are the soul of literature, if you know what I mean.

I have had the opportunity to listen to young people from all backgrounds and even married people from different places tell me about their experiences with sex. Many of these people cannot remember how many times they have had sex or with how many people, but rarely do I ever meet anyone who doesn’t remember the first person and the first time. Like I said, its special…or at least it’s supposed to be.

A twenty five year old Man had just stated to his roommates in a matter of fact way, “I am a virgin”, His five able bodied roommates stared for a while and then burst into laughter… “it’s not possible” was their first reaction.

I saw jumping the Broom a movie directed by T.D jakes. A Lady who had been loose made a vow to God never to have sex again except with the Man who marries her and only after he had married her… The ‘unfortunate’ man who came along loved her but faced a real struggle keeping it in for the 6 months of their courtship. On one of the days prior to the wedding day, His best man looked at him wide eyed and asked as if it was a surreal possibility “How can you not have sex for 6 months?!!” I on the other hand wondered “why not?” Alright hold on, am not claiming to be a saint or to be superhuman, but this piece is meant to answer that question generally.

Prior to the first time you ate that chicken sauce, you knew about chicken sauce, but you had no appetite for it, no craving for it, because you had never had it before. What the first time does is that it creates an appetite for the thing and produces a craving for it. So if it’s something as bad as Shawarma was to me, it kills chances of the two of you ever crossing paths again, but if it’s like the something awesome, I failed to remember, then chances are it makes dead sure it crosses your path frequently.
To a person like my 25 year old friend, its not nearly as difficult not to have sex as it is for his roommates. Why? Because he has not had his first time.

I’ll like to talk some more and show you how the second time and every time after that impacts us, but I’ll leave that for the next post so as to fall within the average reading time span of the online reader.

My point? Sex is not Shawarma, it’s a beautiful and powerful experience one that will surely bring you back for more and more! Sex is also why so many men today have been reduced to a loaf of bread and Many women even married women do not even have an iota of respect. Its why many people are insulted, demeaned. Raped, abused, accosted and incessantly pursued. It’s the reason why many leaders are failing and governors are confused… Yes…SEX IS THAT POWERFUL!!

So if you are reading this and you are unmarried and somehow you have managed to keep your cookies untouched or ‘un-given’ till now and perhaps you are under a lot of pressure to “try it” Omo, Person wey no get money no dey go try champagne everytime o” Do not create an appetite for something you cannot afford to sustain… wait till you can afford it, wait till its legal and blessed and sweet and then in that beautiful atmosphere of love and commitment in marriage, have your first bite… Oh my! You will keep going back to that same restaurant asking for the usual.
Make the first time special and there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A VIRGIN, trust me, you spare yourself a lot of hassle, insults and depression. Keep the cookies!

That’s some Truth on Truthoscope!


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