In all the supposed splendor and all the supposed glory…we strut about. We speak high sounding words and make dangerously bloated claims; we beat our shoulders and ask quite often…”Do you know who I am?” We carry ourselves with unnecessary consciousness and premeditated prestige, lest we be thought less of… The poor envies the habitation and possession of the wealthy and the wealthy the simplicity and freedom of the poor… We desire to upgrade, improve, step up, acquire! Acquire, acquire! But really, what is our value? What does man really “cost?” ok…this is what I am trying to ascertain…if Man were to be a commodity, displayed in a market overt…what would he cost? Permit me to be a typical Nigerian and answer that question with another: “Walk down the street, stoop down and grab a handful of dirt…how much will that cost??

Dirt…yup…that’s what we are worth at the very most… I have seen with my eyes just how fickle we really are…

Fred was a healthy, rich, young and highly egotistical young man… he didn’t need anything or anyone outside of himself to make it… He was a self-made millionaire and was on his way to becoming a self-made billionaire. He had the prettiest wife any man could possibly dream of and he caught her with his sheer charm and slick moves… he had it all with much to spare…until that day… if he had fore-known what was going to happen then he probably would have looked both ways before crossing that road…one hit and I watched in horror as skin tore, bones splintered, blood spilled and just like that!! It was all gone; the handsome face was split in many places, the sleek moves, the charm, the smartness, the life…the man. All gone… Just like that. He could not save himself; his wealth couldn’t buy a second more.

Standing aside and reminiscing, It gets me thinking…what are we really worth? What is man?

It is man, not dogs that can rape a 3 year old, it is man not lions that can massacre thousands of their fellows, it is man not fishes that can find themselves wallowing in sick habits that even they despise…it is Man! Whose nature is so fickle that they cannot predict what they would do in any given situation till it is faced. It is man whose ego is so wide that he is willing to do despicable things just to save face. Man seems to always be on self-destruct mode, for all the warnings scientific and otherwise we seem to love our sick habits…we seem to love death. What are we? What are we worth?

DIRT…We walk around wearing $500 hats on 2cent heads and $1000 dollar shoes on 1 cent feet…we are bloated and arrogant in our assumptions…we acquire a little learning, get bloated and consider ourselves knowledgeable enough to make dangerous absolute statements like- “there is no God!”
What is this that I hear? Man is the source of purpose and meaning? We embrace science and research because we are eager to discover meaning in everything…because know nothing in and of our own selves. Science will never have a nadir, it will never peak, because mankind is a perpetual student of nature… and nature is a creation of God.
There Is no God? Well, considering what we are worth naturally…if that were true, that’s no good news, that’s not a license to go buck-wild… that’s the saddest news in all of history. It betrays that we are worthless, exist for nothing and are just as circular in existence as the ants.

So,…Do you know who I am?… if I will be defined only from the point of view of the natural…I am worthless. If I am defined from the point of view of something higher, something far greater, something that gives me purpose beyond myself, then I gain immense worth. I do not want to live for myself or serve myself… dirt serving dirt is a sorry sight.

Reach your conclusions…



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